Family In The Fall -

Family In The Fall

Saint-Jacques Cathedral Montreal -

Saint-Jacques Cathedral Montreal

Champlain Sunset -

Champlain Sunset

Shify -

Late Shift

Turtle Crossing -

Turtle Crossing

Cecropia Moth -

Cecropia Moth

Pulling Light -

Pulling Light

Franconia Flow At Franconia Notch, NH -

Franconia Flow

Whaleback Rock Peaks Island Maine -

Whaleback Rock At Peaks Island

Spar Cove Sunset Peaks Island Maine -

Sunset At Spar Cove Peaks Island Maine

Red Leaf In The Rapids -

Hanging On

Old Boathouse Willoughby Lake Vermont -

Old Lake Willoughby Boathouse

Radar Base Victory Vermont -

Frosty Radar Base

Autumn Vibrancy –

Autumn Vibrancy

Lonely Red Door -

Red Door

Day Dreaming Boxer -

Day Dreaming

Dizzy Boxer -

Dizzy Boxer

River Boxer -

River Boxer

Donkeys Close Up -


Dolphin Smile -

Dolphin Smile

Seagull At Brooklyn Bridge -

Seagull At Brooklyn Bridge

Not So Camo -

Not So Camo

Flamingos At Sea World -


Mallard Close Up -

Mallard Close Up

Green Macaw -

Green Macaw

Monarch On Sunflower -

Monarch On Sunflower

Duck With Koi -

Duck With Koi

Brooklyn Seagulls -

Brooklyn Gulls

Brown Anole On Wall -

Brown Anole

Brown Anole On Post -

Brown Anole On Post

NYPD Horse At Times Square -

NYPD Horse

New York City Scape Black & White -

Top Of The Rock

Radio City Music Hall NYC -

Radio City Music Hall

Ferris Wheel Motion -

Carnival Motion

Brooklyn Bridge Lamp -

Brooklyn Lamp

Cross In The Sky -

Cross In The Sky

Magic Kingdom Fireworks Walt Disney World -

Magic Kingdom

Tunnel Vision -

Tunnel Vision

Train Symmetry -

Train Symmetry

Chad In The Blue Light Shiny Toy Guns -

Chad In The Blue Light

Focus On The Music Shiny Toy Guns –

Focus On The Music

Carah Faye Shiny Toy Guns –

Carah Faye Charnow

Into The Black Shiny Toy Guns –

Into The Black

Through The Beats Shiny Toy Guns –

Through The Beats

Synth Focus Shiny Toy Guns –

Synth Focus

Carah Faye Ink Shiny Toy Guns –

Carah’s Ink

Carah Faye Fading Listening Shiny Toy Guns –

Fading Listening

Bridal Reflection –

Bridal Reflection

The Wedding Date -

The Wedding Date

Couples Landscape –

Couples Landscape